Past News
Lesbian and Gay Parade marched through Shibuya for social understandings Aug. 13
A member of Osaka Assembly publicly declared herself a lesbian Aug. 12

A member of Osaka Assembly publicly declared herself a lesbian Aug. 12
Court rules Newsom overstepped authority, voids same-sex marriages Aug. 12
Judge rules that same-sex couples can marry in Washington Aug. 5
South Korea eases restrictions on homosexuality Feb 5
Mass. Court Clears Way for Gay Marriages. Feb 5
Some gay employees at U.N. to get DP benefits Jan.30

Olympics set to OK transsexual athletes Nov.14
Taiwan would become first Asian country with legal gay marriage Oct.28
First Publicly Funded Gay School Opens in U.S. Sept.8
California DP law nears passage Sept.2
NYC plans public high school for gays. Jul.19
Gender modification on the census registration will be permitted. Jun.26
Canadian government will not appeal pro-gay marriage decision Jun.18
2003 Tonys: As gay as it gets Jun.10
Sexual education in living

Tokyo Lesbian & Gay Parade Jul.23
Bravissima! is selected by All About Japan! Jul.11
US Internet provider targeted for homosexuals started operation Jun.18

Series: The Changing State Part II Europe rapid stream Fortizing vs. Migration society Mar.01
Club Bravissima-related Feb.14
Homogeneous sexual-harassment lawsuit reconciliation Feb.01
A film of the second highest box office revenue in Thailand film history Jan.16
Good news to a long distance couple! Out of city call for 3 minutes became uniformly 20 yen Jan.15

IT budget of 600 billion yen and contents are borrowed wisdom. Dec.22
The virus which attacks PC at Christmas Dec.22
The first in a world history. The same-sex marriage is accepted in Holland.. Dec.22
Women are weaker to the damage of tobacco Nov.16
Bravissima! was chosen for the Lycos Selection! Aug.18

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