Instructions at Bravissima! Bulletin Board

1. Bravissima! Bulletin Board is to share ideas, exchange information, and have a talk about personal problems. So please be aware of your responsibility as individual for use.


Following behaviors and remarks are severely prohibited.

1: Sex-oriented remarks
2: Slanderous remarks toward others
3: Discriminative remarks about one's sexuality
4: Remarks to introduce adult-oriented websites
5: Advertisement of adult-oriented websites
6: Behaviors and remarks that might violate the law
7: Obscene or possibly obscene remarks
8: For-profit remarks, for example, about network business, or improper bids
9: Disruptive remarks and ill usage of different HNs (Nicknames) by one person.

3 Please input voluntary password under "Deletion Key." If you don't, you will see an error screen and your remark will not be inserted properly.

* In case we found remarks that violating above precautions, and remarks that are obviously making others feel uncomfortable, those are deleted without notice.

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