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Bravissima! strap now on sale!
Start accepting the request for Bravissima! strap on the net.

Supporters wanted
Why don't you join us and support Bravissima! in field you are interested in and good at?

Bravissima! Fund
To raise operation cost of the web site and to reserve assets to establish a private space

Bravissima! Supporters Organization off the ground!

What is Bravissima! Supporters Organization?

Bravissima! Supporters Organization is consisted of Bravissima! web site users and its aim is to make the site more usable, productive, and pleasant.

Now the members of the organization are all site users and working with a motto, "We do what we can!" From now on, we would like to work together with Bravissima! administrators to respond to expectations of site users (all of you and us) by conducting research, collecting information, proposing ideas. Members of Supporters Organization engage in delivering comfortable place to every site users.


Present members were chatroom buddies. We got closer each other and with site administrators at Bravissima! events. Last year, one of administrators was hospitalized for hard physical strain. We were surprized but it made sense because everything required to operate Bravissima! web site (collecting information, updating, arranging events, etc.) was done by only two women. Furthermore, we came to know that every cost to operate the site (renting server, for example) was covered by their private income because Bravissima! is a non-profit web site. At that time it simply occured to each one of us that there might be something we could do. And we started voluntary activities to support Bravissima! last summer, in collectiing and offering information for updating, assisting events, planning and sales of Bravissima! Straps.
On this special occasion, Bravissim!'s 4th anniversary, the voluntary group officially off the ground for expansion and upgrade of Bravissima! for increasing site users.

Why don't you join us?

Bravissima! has been working on to support female sexual minorities (lesbians and bisexual) by offering information and places of communication on the Internet and at events.
In these 4 years since its open, Bravissima! has grown big. To keep it going, upgrade and develop, more and more manpower and financial resourse should be required.
What we members are doing now is so little, but we believe that everhthing would be worthwhile when it is based on th true expectation toward Bravissima! getting bigger and more usable. Even a small piece can be the part of something big and something good.
All of you site users who know Bravissima! for better or for worse should have ideas, opinions and information. Those would be very helpful to make Bravissima! better. Please join us and let's support Bravissima!

For further detail about the foundation, please see sections below.

For inquiry about the organization, please click here and send an e-mail.

Starting Members of Bravissima! Supporters Organization
Here are the hidden faces of each member of the organization ("Sketters", a nickname).

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