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Start accepting the request for Bravissima! straps!

Our first project, straps with Bravissima! logo are on sale.
We planed of this item wanting to take shape our and all site users' feeling toward Bravissima!
The straps are orange, the theme color of the web site, with Bravissim! logo in white.

We offer short versions of Bravissima! strap. Short versions are ideal for flip phone. The another short version is in sets with the strap type and ideal as a key ring or accessory.
You can choose according to your taste and usage.

We have been selling straps only at events and off meetings. And now we start accepting the request for this novel item on the net.

The number is limited to 1,000. Hurry to get one!

Long strap Short straps

Sales of straps is not for profit. Revenue is all contributed to the operation expense of the web site via Bravissima! Fund (See below for detail).

Bravissima! Fund:

This fund is for the operation expense of the web site in future and reserve assets to create a space. Please see Bravissima! Fund for further details about the fund.

<How to apply>

Straps can be purchased at Bravissima! events or by mail order (postal transfer). Please read below carefully if you wish to purchase straps by mail order.

Please fill out the information required (see below) on the application paper for postal transfer at post office, and transfer the cost of strap (\800 for long type and \1,000 for short type) and postage and commission charge (\100 each )*1. Also, please cover the paid-in fee. Thank you.

Account No. 00180-4-537537
Subscriber's name Bravissima! Supporters Organization
Name & address the one you will receive the item
Correspondence column name & numbers of the item you want to purchase*2
ex. 2 long type straps and 1 short type

*1 Simulation of calculating the amount: in case you purchase 2 long types and one short type. \800 (long type) x 2 = \1600 \1600 + \1000 (short type) = \2600 \100 (postage) x 3 (total No. of straps) = \300 Total amount you transfer should be \2900 (\2600 + \300).

*2 Please fill in the correspondence column because the account No. is same for Bravissima! Fund so there might be a possibility that the amount may be taken as the fund.

The item (s) will be sent to you by mail after the transfer is verified. Please be noted that it might take a few weeks before you receive.

For your information and inquiry, please click here.

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