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Supporting members are called Sketters. Sketters normally look like any other person who casually sits next to you at bars however they change themselves into Sketters when Bravissima! need their support.

Sketters Brown
Nickname Kozukai-san
Age Moderately dry just before marutiry.
Virtual form Behind luminous glasses, eyes and eyebrows drew circle.
Skill Short-term sleep lover. Loves to take a short-time sleep when the energy is low and no one can get in touch with.
Birthday Grand Master (BGM). Quick in memorizing people's birthday. A useful skill for fortune-telling.
Weak point Basically weak on the outside. The longer, the weaker. In the worst case, starts yelling, "I WANNA GO HOME!"
Activity In charge of Movies section and do some secretary work.
Check new movies on screen, and try as much to go theaters. Planning special feature, helping management stuffs.
Comment I'm the oldest, so recovering the energy by taking short-term sleep and step by step I want to move ahead.
Comment from each member Brown is a dedicated person.
Complete the ChocoEggs!
I love your industriousness.
I rely on you, too much?

Sketters Gray
Nickname Commander officer & powerful woman
Age Member of 30s group
Virtual form Taken at least 5 years younger than my real age.
Skill Movable. Go anywhere. Might be next to you at bars
Weak point Be always late. Alarm wouldn't work with me.
Activity In charge of handicap section.
Comment Nothing impossible! Having handicap doesn't matter!
Comment from each member Tough!
Go round nationwide lesbian bar by bike? Make your dream come true!
Active! I want to learn!
She's a live wire.

Sketters Green
Nickname Matchstick
Age Age that somehow goes well with Japan Sea.
Virtual form Maidenly office lady in girlish wearings. No. 1 candidate for your bride!
Skill Hooky. Most good at: make a phone call to the work place in the morning of the day and say coughing, "I'm sick and want to take a day off."
Weak point Mushrooms. Will eat them it they look, taste, smell like broccoli.
Activity In charge of English version. Devoting in translation with poor English skill. Appreciate your opinion always!
Comment I would like to enjoy working with other members and make Bravissima! better.
Comment from each member No nude please!
She never waste her time.
Is it true that you talk while sleeping in English?

Sketters Orange
Nickname Sleep talking princess
Age 528 years old but not suitable for 30s club.
Virtual form Put makeup on and change hair-do everyday to disguise to avoid public notice.
Skill Sing a song with ultrasonic voice, mainly theme songs of animation. Can knock out most people in the same room.
Dirty-mouth while sleeping. Sometimes I myself get damage.
Weak point Only member who lives outside Tokyo so other members sometimes have difficulty in communicating with me. "I don't what you are saying." Hearing this, I'll easily run in panic.
Activity In charge of information in living section and diversion. Full of ideas but can't cover every one of it and get panicky. Tend to conceal while secretly working on own idea.
Comment Experts who won't be sick of questions wanted!
Comment from each member Advice from me. Sit-ups before eating dinner is no use!
Let me hear your sleep talking.
Keep in touch time to time!
I love your strength and presence.

Sketters Pink
Nickname Class Pigeon No. 2
Age 250,002-lemon years old
Virtual form Serving teas in a fancy town that I don't fit into.
Skill Hee-haw attack. Laugh like an idiot and make people around me confuse and lose the fighting spirit. But sometimes I lose myself.
Weak point Melon. Can't eat melon itself but also things beside them. I see melons and get ugly.
Activity Helping Sketters Orange in living information and planning events.
Comment Keep the deadline. Not be out of control. Take responsibility what I say.
Comment from each member

Don't run away alone and don't bring rain on the day of event outside.
Don't leave us far ahead.
Don't rush, please.
Your power and endeavour are twice as much as those of ours, but just remember taking a break.

Sketters Black
Nickname HAL
Age Error
Virtual form Error
Skill Error
Weak point Error

In charge of technological part, such as program and security.
Automation of programs to gain troublesome tasks in site management. The goal is full automation of Bravissima! web site.

Comment Access to my information is blocked by the firewall.
Comment from each member -----

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