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Bravissima! Fund

Financial support is appreciated for Bravissima! activities such as server maintenance and event arrangement.

And now, Bravissima! activities are limited only in web sites and to events but we consider that wide range of activities Bravissima! could work on if there is its own space such as lecture meetings, off meetings and group activities by site users. It also can be used to access sexualy-related movies and books. To connect "on" and "off" is the concept of Bravissima!, and the space could be it we believe. To have a space is attainable ideal, but requires resourses.

Here we would like to ask for your cooperation.

We set up Bravissima! Fund for management and maintenance of the web site and operation expence of events, and future Bravissima! space. 1 share is \1,000 and more than 1 share welcome.

Every person who contributed to the fund will receive the notice and accounting report at the fiscal year end. At your request, we send you the notice and report by mail or e-mail.

Collected money will be used for operation of Bravissima! web site and pooling for renting space. Also, benefits from any activities of the foundation would be the part of the fund.

Bravissima! straps:
We planed of this item wanting to take shape our and all site users' feeling toward Bravissima! All the profit by selling straps will be contributed to the operation expense of the web site via Bravissima! Fund. Please see Bravissima! straps page for further details.

How to apply

We accept the contribution to the fund by postal transfer and also at Bravissima! events. For postal transfer, please read below carefully.

Please fill out the information required (see below) on the application paper at post office, and transfer the amount you wish. Bravissima! fund accepts from 1 share (1,000yen) and more than 1 share is appreciated. Also, please cover the paid-in fee. Thank you.

Account No. 00180-4-537537
Subscriber's name Bravissima! Supporters Organization
Name & address* the one you will receive the notice and report
Correspondence column for Bravissima! Fund*

*A notice of acceptance of the contribution will be sent to you by mail after the transfer is verified. At the fiscal year end, the accounting report will be also sent. At your request, notice will be sent by e-mail. In that case, please add HN and e-mail address in the correspondence column. If you don't need the notice, inform us by writing it in the correspondence column.

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