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Supporters are wanted.

The organization look for people who support managing Bravissima! web site and events with us. In field you are interested in and good at, you can help us!

○ Opinions & ideas We want opinions and ideas of you as a site user. Those opinions and ideas would be very helpful for Bravissima! being more useful and productive.
* * * * *
For the renewal of this time, members' opinions and ideas were adapted a lot. We look for open and straight opinions from you for the future Bravissim! to be more comfortable web site.
○Information Information about News, Living Information, Movies, Books, etc. are needed for web site updating and upgrading.
* * * * *
News in the proceedings of Area (Area of Communication Bravissima!) about a boat racer certified as TS who registered as a man, information of movies such as "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," "Hush!" werer from members. Please feel eazy to send us information. Every information is worthwhile!
○Volunteers in Events Volunteers wanted in planning, arrangement, and management of Bravissima! events.
* * * * *
With requests from users, Bravissima! arranged local events at Osaka, Sendai and Hakata last year. Events different from clubs and off meegings such as Live Bravissima! and Ski Tour were also realized from users' opinion. We look for people who will join us planning events that meet user's satisfaction.

"I can do this!" and "I want to do this!" are welcome at Bravissima!

<How to apply>

If you wish to join our activities, please fill out the format and apply by e-mail.

To apply >>please click here.

Registration ends by our return e-mail to you. From now on, you will receive an e-mail for support activities according to needs.

For your information and inquiry >>please click here.

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