Lately, a lot of women live all by themselves, and that is not rare especially in a big city like Tokyo. They work, rent apartments, and enjoy weekends with sweetheart or friends.
It's quite simple and normal. However there are things we, as woman, have to care about.

How long could we keep working?
Are we safe with our shelter?
What should we do to live together with someone we care?

In this section, we would like to study the law and system and think about our future life.

The basic points of living the rest of life all by oneself.
Public Pension Program···We only need to care about it when we get old?

Making rules is a first step.
What to do first
Who we count on when we get in trouble?
Let's have an expert's opinion!

There are people with handicap around us.
And there are people who want to help people with handicap but just don't know how.

Living Info.
Living alone
Living together
What To Do First
When in trouble
Expert's Opinion
Special Topic
Related Information
Information wanted


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