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Here we upload thank you messages to people who participated in each Bravissima! event.
If you are thinking of joining our events but a little bit anxious about them, please take a look our messages and images of event flyers.

History of club Bravissima!

1997/11/** Private Party Vol.1
1997/12/16 Private Party Vol.2
1998/03/03 Started with the official name Bravissima!
1998/05/02 Golden Week Special
1998/07/17 Combination of DJ Gunzy and DJ Ann established
1998/11/13 Salon time closed
1999/01/08 Routined as monthly events and name altered to club Bravissima!
1999/02/12 Introducing VJ
1999/03/12 1st Anniversary Special
1999/04/09 Gay's Day Special
1999/05/02 Golden Week Special
1999/06/11 Chinese Mafia
1999/07/09 Notredame Special
1999/08/13 Yukata (cotton bathrobe) Night Special
1999/09/10 DJ Kanami on stage regularly
1999/10/08 Halloween Special Night
1999/11/12 Japanese Autumn Special Night
1999/12/10 Last of 99' Special Night
2000/01/14 Wellcome 2000 Special Night
2000/02/11 St. Valentine Special
2000/03/10 2nd Anniversary Special
2000/04/14 SPRING SPRING
2000/05/04 GW Special
2000/06/09 MEGUMI Solo stage
2000/07/14 TRANCE Night Vol.1
2000/08/11 TRANCE Night Vol.2
2000/09/08 TRANCE Night Vol.3
2000/10/13 Haloween Night!
2000/11/10 GUNJY NIGHT!!!
2000/12/08 End of 20th Century
2001/01/12 Welcome 21st century for ladies
2001/02/09 FINAL
Start-up of nationwide expedition!
2001/03/0910 Second Ski Tour in Nagano
2001/05/26 'Land on Osaka' Off meeting

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