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Dear my friend

The other day my friend was found under the ice. He must be caught on the foot at cracks on an ice, and was found dead in a cold sea.

I had a girlfriend while he was making final adjustments in Japan this year. I divorced to my husband for the woman. As I told him about my divorce, he said he was sorry for my ex-husband and I were looks fine.

I could not say about my girlfriend. I could not tell him that I was happy with her.
It has to be a secret at that time.

When he left Japan and started to walk toward North Pole, something had moved in me.
He started to walk all alone, but a lot of people were behind him.
He carries their dream too. On the boat he pulled there were a lots of feelings of people who supported him. He, in fact, was never be alone.

I sympathized with him. He was over 40s but his eyes were like those of children.
I thought that my girlfriend would see the world like he did. So I wished her to see him.
In his plan, he would be away from Japan for some years. But I decided to let her meet with him when he got back.

She is my pride so I should not conceal our relationship. I thought so.

He had been a venturer for years. He would understand what it is to be a lesbian and her who has same eye with him. Because he tread the ground that created human beings, being a lesbian would be just a small thing even though it is a great matter to me.

I can't hear him no more.
He can't hear me and will never know about my girlfriend.
I learned a lot from him.
Books won't be any help. You should experience things by yourself.
To take a step from an ordinary life, that is an adventure, he often said.

I decided to go off on an adventure that is much smaller than his.
I'll take one step forward by coming out.
My girlfriend understands me. I will take time to talk about it.
For a start, I tell him who is now part of this mother earth.

Written by Asako

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