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Confession on coffee

"How much do you love me?"
How would you answer when your girlfriend ask you?
I had posted this question to a lot of my friends but most of them said,
"Can't tell. My feeling is not that kind."
Just one of my friends answered like this.

"I would say that I want some coffee."

That was rather unexpected. That is not appropriate as an answer to the question above and does not make any sense as a conversation. In disgust, I said to her,

"You'd better study Japanese before other foreign language."
"You'd better listen to me till the end. There is more to say after that."
"I'm listening."
"What I want to say is, I love her so much that I want to drink a cup of coffee that she made. See? Isn't it good?"
"I don't know... You are saying that you want to be with her all night long and have a morning coffee together?"
"No! Stupid! That's not what I am saying!"
"Then tell me!"
"Can't you see? You know I love coffee and drink almost a litter per day, outside and at my own place too. So my girlfriends would know and try to make coffee for me at her place. But I make coffee by myself even at her place because I'm habituated and good at it. I know it is really rude 'cause it's like saying your coffee tastes like shit. Based on that fact, don't you think my girlfriend will be happy if I say I want some coffee? I don't like coffee someone made but her. That's how much I love her. She'll cry for joy, I bet."

Ummmmm. I don't think that I fully understood. But I understand one thing. "I want some coffee" is the best term of endearment of her. The coffee she made should taste good and I want to try.

Then suddenly she said.

"I want some coffee."
"Let's go to Starbucks."

Don't surprise me! I thought she was flirting. She didn't miss the faint expression of me and said.

"Why, thought I was flirting with you? Are you disappointed? Let's go."

Taking the grand size of coffee, she said.

"My coffee's much better than this one!"

I wonder what kind of girl who would make a coffee for her.


Written by Kaoru Date, non-fiction writer

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