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Love is not what you do but you fall in.

She was expecting more chance to meet girls, and she had situation that she could not come out although she wanted to break it through. So, she went to some woman-only club for the first time looking for someone special. She had no courage of telling her colleagues about her sexuality but fortunately had enough of hitting on girls at clubs. In just one month, she got a lot of "club" friends. But it was difficult to find someone special. She met few girls of her type and ideal girls were with someone else.

The time had past so fast. Months went by while she was nuts about finding someone special.
"I don't care anymore."
Now she got lot of "club" friends and was no longer lonely, on the other hand, the motivation of looking for someone special. Club became a place for her not to find someone special but to meet more and more "club" friends.

One day she went to a club as usual. She met so many people that she could not match every face and name at the end, except one girl. With her image lingering, she went to club again. She tried to make friends with people there as always but her image, the one and only image left in her mind, had never gone. And she realized that she had fallen in love with that girl. She at last found someone special just when she had quitted searching.

Love is not what you do but you fall in.

That remark might sound cheap but it is only one truth she found.

Written by nonfiction writer, Kaoru Date enjoying the night air of early spring.

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