98/08/20 update
i-on member's bizarre behavior (vol. 1)

One day I-on members were working all night long on the Bravissima! Web site. There were 3 of them, A, B, and C.

A: Oh well, let's go to bed and have some sleep. (exhausted) {it was 6:30 in the morning}
B: Yeah, I'm pretty tired and can't see straight now.
A: Good load! Then let's go to bed immediately! (she sounded really happy)
C: Hey. But I bet we are in trouble tomorrow if we don't finish this job.
A: (silence)
B: Ugh...
C: OK, OK! You two go and get some sleep. I'll get this job done.
A: Thanks! (she looked very happy)
B: Really? Well, don't force yourself too much ok?
C: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I won't. Good night. Sleep well.
A & B: Good night!

C was a little bit frustrated but kept working.

Little while later, C heard A groaning. It was just when C thought the sound of typing the keyboard might wake the two up.

A: Oh, you've done it! All CGI completed? Well done!
C: What? I'm just typing some text.
A: ......zzzzzzzz

Yes. A was just talking in her sleep! C had to answer because A talked so clearly.
C thought, "A should care about the job in her dream," and she was ashamed of herself for blaming A for going to bed earlier.

From that matter, i-on members see member A with impassioned glance (laugh).

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