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Strange behavior of my friend Ms. M Vol.1

My friend Ms. M does strange things sometimes.
The other day, Ms. M and I were to have a meeting with an important client at some cafe. Ms. M is basically unpunctual but at really important occasion, she would never be late.
Ms. M knew that the client was very important and I waited her at the cafe. I waited and waited but she didn't appear.

Thomas: Well, she's a bit late today. I'll make a phone call. I'm so sorry to make you wait.
Client: No, it's all right. (with dried laughter)
(Thomas's inner voice): Son of a bitch! I'll make her kiss my ass after this meeting!

I left the client and made a phone call but she didn't pick it up.
Ms. M is missing!
What's happening? It could be OK if this is a meeting with a friend but now with an important client!

Thomas: Ah...well, I can't get hold of her, so let's start, shall we? I'll try to make contact with her time to time. I'm really sorry for this.
The client: It's ok. (with an angry voice)
(Thomas's inner voice): This is going to be real bad. What I'm gonna do?

10 minutes after we started the meeting.

Ms. M: I'm sorry for being late. There was a train accident! I'm really sorry for making you wait for so long.

At last, Ms. M appeared and to retrieve the time past, we started to talk. We finished the meeting all right and sent the client off.

Thomas: Hey you! What are you thinking? You know that the meeting was very important. What the fuck are you doing?
Ms. M: The train accident is...
Thomas: Liar! You are lying! You must be sleeping! That is a reason for being late, right?
Ms. M: I was up! Honestly. But I just, well, was late because...
Thomas: What? I told you so many times that the client is important.
Ms. M: I was watching TV and...
Thomas: What? What are you talking about?
Ms. M: Um, yeah, I was watching and didn't notice the time...
Thomas in hopeless: TV? What TV?
Ms. M: The Sailor Moon.
Thomas: Sailor Moon?

Right. Ms. M is a secret admirer of TV animation. She devoted herself to the Sailor Moon so that she was late for the meeting. It remembered that Ms. M was gazing toys of animation character placed nearby the casher at restaurants.

After she was blamed very badly for this matter, Ms. M is able to leave TV with strong will. Happy ever after...

Ms. M: It's not "happy ever after"! If girls were to know that I am an animaniac, I won't be popular with girls anymore!
Thomas: Don't worry! You are never be popular with girls. Stupid!

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