98/05/10 update

Last Sunday, I was drinking at Snow Bird in 2-chome. When I intended going home, I noticed that I missed the last train (this happens a lot of times). I decided to take a taxi but then, I found out that I have only \300 left in my wallet. I couldn't believe it. I screamed before I know it.

"No way!"

I started to plod, and on the half way from Shinjuku to my home, a good-looking young man who came from the direction ahead talked to me. (it was 2:10 am.)

"Excuse me."
I was a bit frightened but answered.

"Would you tell me which way should I take to go to XXX station?"
I had to cry out because the station was in the direction that he had just walked from.
"You have to go back the way you had just walked from."
This time, it was his turn to cry out in panic.
Then I wondered if he might be heading somewhere near the station because it was no use of getting there with no train in operation. So I asked him,
"Where are you heading at actually?"
"Well, I'm heading at the crossing on XXX street."
"No way. That crossing is not in the direction of the station. You are on a completely wrong way!"
"Oh my God!" (It was 2:15 am.)

"I am living near XXX street. Would you like me to take you part of the way there?"
"Yes, please! That helps me." (He was almost crying.)

On the way, we, total stranger without name each other, talked about nothing. And I was thinking of this extraordinary encounter that could not be expected in place and timing.

Getting near my place, I had to let him go by himself so I gave him the direction. (It was 2:45.)

"Take this way and turn left at the first signal. Go till the end and turn left, walk along the street and again turn left at 3rd signal and there the crossing is."

The young man looked perplexed.

"Damn. If you want me to take you..."
"No! No, no, no. I'll go by myself. Thank you!"
He burst out blocking my word. The good-looking young man bowed saying "Thank you" again and again, and he started to walk.

I hurried home thinking about him, imagining if he was a good-looking young girl...

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