With sexual minoritiy & women as keywords,
we provide information and place of communication in both real world and cyber world via various events and operation of this web site.
For the 4th anniversary, Bravissima! is renewaled and it's URL is also changed. We'll keep challenging toward the development of Bravissima! from now on.

Inauguration of Supporters' Organization Read More

BB Bulletin Board failures are completely modified.
Books "Boku no Kareshi wa Dokoni Iru?" added in New Books

2 men filed for mdification of gender on family register NEW! Full Story
The visibility of GID remains low NEW! Full Story
Transgender Candidate Wins In Hawaii NEW! Full Story
11/24 Event Event schedule udated.
  News New articles added.

09/02 Book 2 books newly added in Books.
"Niji no Kanatani -- Read Lesbian and Gay Queer Films -- "
"Journal of a NPO Intern @ CUAV San Francisco "

09/01 Event Updated Event this month and Event next month.
2 new events added in SEPTEMBER schedule:
[Luv-Dancin' vol.6]
1 new event added in OCTOBER schedule:
[la la gala]

08/16 Event Updated Event this month and Event next month.
  News New articles added.

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