Concept of this website

Bravissima! website is to assist women, the sexual minority, such as lesbians and bisexuals.

For women, who got only the internet to express the sexuality and have been afraid of stepping forward into the real world and who had interests but could not be active with no friends or information, Bravissima! is to provide a place of communication both in the real world by holding various events, and in the internet by operating this website.

Being sexual minority is nothing to be ashamed of, but could rather be the opportunity of self-rediscovering. We promote you to think carefully, calmly and positively about the various sorts of problems around you in the relation with society, mass media, family, people at school & workplace. With the critical view, we need to open our eyes and mind to cope with those problems.

Also, Bravissima! encourages women to live in this still male-dominated society without losing identity. We should not allow ourselves to take advantage of or to be discriminated by just being a woman. We work, make friends, have a good time, study, and find a partner. We are living our life with all our might. It's so normal, and sexuality, sex distinction, age or birthplace got nothing to do with it.

We can choose to live a life getting no sense of purpose, denying ourselves, having a grudge against others and blaming the world around us. But there is another choice to have a lively life and get over problems accepting ourselves as we are. Which would you choose to live?

We want to back you up in things that you want to "Know," "Do," "See, "Change."

All begins with just a little bit of courage, that is, to face yourself.

We are truly happy if Bravissima! can be the origin of action and new discovery for you.
*Derivation of "Bravissima"

The word came from the feminine of the superlative degree of Bravo, "Bravissimo." A bit suspicious Italian! Let's go forward to the day we can say "Bravissima!!!!" from our heart..
*Derivation of "i-on"

"I-on" means to switch on the "I (eye and i as oneself)" that has been switched off.
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