[GID] 2 men filed for mdification of gerder on family register
Nov. 13, 2006
2 men who diagnosed as GID (gender identity disorder) filed for modification of gender on family register to Kobe and Nara family courts on 13, November.

Each had married to a woman and has children, but got divorced. In the GID special law (enforced July 2004), having no child is one of conditions to change gender. The two and their supporters calling for the amendment of the law, for it is not suitable for actual state of GID.

The law sets the conditions for modification of gender, such as;
*over 20 years old and older
*Not married
*No children
and it has a revision policy in 3 years as an additional rule.

According to GID Institute, there are thousands of GID in Japan, and GID from 30s to 50s tend to have children.

The 2 men told, "There are wide viriety of sex. I want all of you to see what I am, not curiosity. We are woman in body and mind but are man on paper. It is hard to explain when looking for job and place to live. We hope that our statement would be a chance of the broad sweep of history."

[Mainichi Newspapers]

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