Togi city council: the proposal ordinance on gender equality passed.
Word concerning LGBT was deleted
Sept. 23, 2006
On October 22, the Togi city proposal ordinance on gender equality passed at plenary session with 22 approvals out of 39 assembly members. For words concerning LGBT deleted, LGBTs and human rights groups had been lodging a protest over the proposal ordinance. The proposed amendment was voted down with 16 approvals. The prosal ordinance would be put into effect on October 1.

The proposed ordinance is to be newly enacted in accordance with the establishment of new Togi cigy by synoecizing 1 cigy and 4 towns. Event though it adheres fundamentally to the fomer city ordinance, word "Regardless gender and sexuality," was edited out and rewritten as "everyone."

At the plenary session, 6 assemble members presented the proposed revisions. There were intensive discussions, claiming each other that the original proposal was neglecting the existence of LGBTs and LGBTs was included in "everyone."

Otsuji Kanako, the member of Osaka assembly, was one of those who protested aginst the proposal. A woman (age 55) who watched the discussion at court's gallery critisized, "Protection of human right of sexual minorities under supreme law is not quite enough. "Everyone" won't include them. The city didn't listen to citizens and decided prematurely.

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