Nakamura Ataru performs GID and confesses herself a GID
Sept. 29, 2006
Nakamura Ataru, a singer and songwriter who made her debut with her first single "Yogoreta Shitagi" this June, confessed that she was a woman in mind but a man on family register.

She performs GID in a Nippon Television's drama, DRAMA COMPLEX "Watashi ga Watashi de arutameni" on October 10. But she herself is a GID.

Her second single "Tomodachi no Uta" is written when she was 15 years old, and it was the first song she wrote. The song is made of pure words and represents 15-year Nakamura's impossible love with a boy who she can't be even a friend.

Nakamura confessed at this timing, because she was eager to make an environment that she could concentrate on her music. On September 29, she will appear on the Fuji Television's famous music program "Bokura no Ongaku." Even though she is new singer, she receives media exposure, and that proves keen attention and expectation toward her.

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