Nananan Kiriko's original comic "Strawberry shortcakes"
is adapted to the screen
Sept. 27, 2006
Strawberry shortcakes, a Nananan Kiriko's original comic about 4 women who struggle with their love and marriage, is going to be adapted to the screen by Yazaki Hitoshi who is known as the director of Kazetachi no gogo, Mikazuki no Lion.

Strawberry shortcakes is a human dorama about 4 women, Satoko a job-hopper, Chihiro an office worker, Akiyo a prostitute, and Touko an illustrator, who struggle with lonliness and love as a woman living in a big city. Herefor, Yazaki, the director, had picked up themes like homosexuality (in Kazetachi no gogo) and incest (in Mikazuki no Lion).In Strayberry shortcakes he also picks up the reality of women of today but he says, "I never focus on women. I see woman as one human."

It seems difficult for a men to produce a piece about mainly female psychology, but Yazaki says, "I focused only on movement of feeling. So I hardly make requests to actresses. I hope that I could create the mood in the movie that gallery can synchronize. That took time to create the mood, the atmosphere. I relay on my staff so I never check the monitor. With great staff, I could concentrate on my work."

Strawberry shortcakes is now on screen.

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