Nonfictions [Vol.2]

Doseiaisha no Kisochishiki
(The Basic Knowledge about Homosexual Love)
Written by Satoru Ito/Published from Ayumi Published from/Price: 1,236yen
A manual for homosexuals. This book contains things what you care and what you wanted to know. The authors are of Sukotan Plannning so that the contents are quite easy to read and understand, but very much serious.
Is It A Choice? Answers to 300 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Gay and Lesbian People
?Written by Eric Marcus/Translated by Katsuya Kaneshiro/Published from Akashi/Shoten Price: 2,400yen

As shown in title, this Q & A-style book answers to questions about homosexual from basics, self-discovery and development, and coming out. The author answers to questions as gay who understands the situation of gay people. A recommended book for both homosexuals and heterosexuals.
Kanojotachi no Aishikata (The way girls love girls)
- Bye-bye sexuality -
Written by Toro Kitagawa/Kangoro Nakagawa/Published from The Masada Inc./
Price: 1,400yen
Lesbian and bisexual people talk about their story and sexuality. To know other people's idea might be a chance to learn that sexuality is nothing more important than being oneself.
Q-shiki Survivor (Q-style Survior)
Written by Yukiko Kawanishi/Published from Nanatsumori Shokan/Price: ***
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The author was born lesbian and brought up in a cult family. She dropped out of the elementary school, attempted to kill her real sister, and finally she "came back alive" from the cult family. The book is extreme but her unique sharp tongue is powerful and piquant. It also contains criticism toward movements and is a highly suggestive book.
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